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Can't love, can't hurt

Jesus 3.0
adoka refa, adventures, aeris, aerosmith, alucard, anime, atari, being naked, belldandy, black, blood, blue, bon jovi, castles, castlevania, chaos, chocolate chip cookies, classic rock, classical, computers, confusion, cookies, craziness, cream, cube, darkness, death, dragons, dreams, electric guitars, elysian fields, enigmas, everything, evil, explosions, fear, final fantasy, fire, foxes, free, fuel, going crazy, goo goo dolls, goth rock, greek mythology, green day, gregorio iii, guitars, guns, hard rock, heavy metal, hockey, hurricanes, hysteria, ice, iced earth, iron maiden, jam sessions, jeff buckley, joydrop, led zeppelin, leeloo, life, lightning, lime, live, love, lyrics, m&m's, madness, manga, marshmallows, mental, metal, milk and cheese, milla jovovich, miniguns, monty python, moonlight, movies, music, mysteries, mythology, neoclassical metal, night, nightmares, nine days, nothingness, oh my goddess, orchestral music, our lady peace, penguins, psychology, puddles, punk, purple, purple haired girls, rain, raindrops, rambling, randomness, ravens, ren and stimpy, rhapsody, riddles, rock, rock n roll, rollos, rpgs, ryoko, saber marionette j, scythes, sephiroth, sinergy, singing, sister hazel, snow, song writing, sponge, sports, stabbing westward, stars, stories, sunflowers, swords, the beatles, the black crowes, the cult, the divine language, the dreaming, the fifth element, the june spirit, the moon, the smashing pumpkins, the white stripes, the who, thunder, thunderstorms, tigers, time, tornadoes, train, transformers, vampires, video games, volcanoes, white tigers, wind, writing, yngwie malmsteen